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By Lanbo Jiang

Changhong color TV Big Brother on TV once the upgrade process encountered layers of the test, and now LCD, plasma, OLED three-pronged approach, hoping to restore some luster in the coming years.

Recently, an informed source told reporters, Foxconn Chengdu High-generation line of preparatory work has already begun, approval by a great possibility. This line is Changhong initiatives to expand the layout of the upstream liquid crystal, but Changhong who have remained cautious, saying the outcome has not issued.

On the other hand, Changhong began in the terminal counter, 3D and LED products have launched a massive price reduction. Insiders said that the company CCFL LCD high inventory situation, Changhong to take LED start with is the hope of overtaking the process of industrial upgrading. The 3D’s Attacking not only to 3D itself, or in the open for the plasma industry.

Joint Venture: Chengdu joint venture pending

“Chengdu Municipal Government, Foxconn and Changhong cooperation essential to determine the high-generation line was approved, and Chengdu have started early to work, including electricity, land, recruitment has been followed up after another,” Recently, an informed source said so.

“Foxconn has also seen the news in Chengdu recruitment, but this has nothing to do with Changhong,” Changhong spokesman Liu told reporters in the. “Failure to receive relevant information” to answer. Changhong insiders have told reporters that both sides really had to communicate on the project panel, The percentage of specific shares, but also to further communication, after all, has not yet approved the results.


In Chengdu, Hong Kong, Foxconn recruitment message has been non-news, Qingyang District Employment Services Authority published a Foxconn subsidiary of Chi Mei Optoelectronics S & P Engineering recruitment brochures, recruitment million. Leaflet Display, CMO, formerly Innolux, founded in 2003, in March 2010 and Chi Mei Optoelectronics, TPO merger, changed its name to Chi Mei Optoelectronics, the world’s third-largest LCD panel company. Products across TFTLCD LCD module and LCD display terminal. Subject recruitment for the group Health Tech (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. and its group companies, types of work for the TFT-LCD panel, module, assembly and testing of television, set-top box assembly test.

According to Huaxi Dushi Bao reported that, according to public disclosure of information, Foxconn Chengdu Chengdu project is the introduction of major investment projects, the total investment of 5 billion U.S. dollars project to produce 8.5-generation LCD-based, the project will attract 100 000 jobs, Chengdu, Sichuan Province and the largest investment project.

Changhong said the person, according to its knowledge, this is not the 8.5 generation line item should be hiring, because the outcome of the project have not yet, should be Foxconn’s other projects in Chengdu. But it also said that, if not impossible for some preliminary work.

Fixed: plasma, LCD, OLED three-pronged

Changhong why this popular concern, in its domestic manufacturers have been seen as a strong supporter of the plasma. 2005, Chang decided to enter the field of plasma panels. In the majority of enterprises believe that the development represents the mainstream direction of liquid crystal, plasma Changhong acquired companies such as South Korea Ou Lian curve for the core technology and opened in 2007 in Mianyang plasma panel plant construction until full production in January this year, the annual production of 2.16 million capacity. At present, Changhong is the only panel resources to achieve production, up and down through the corporate chain, but the helpless plasma was less than 1 percent market share.

Insiders said that the development of LCD Changhong is also considering restructuring and reduce risk, reduce the risks of plasma gamble.

Invested 675 million U.S. dollars project of plasma panels do not generate benefits, is widely believed able to support LCD panel Changhong burn. It is said that the new CMO investments on behalf of line 8.5, Foxconn accounted for 45% of shares, stocks accounted for 55% of the Chengdu Municipal Government, the future will change for the Chengdu Municipal Government 25% of total shares, total shares of 30% of Changhong. A source told reporters that Changhong would not have involved a lot of capital investment funds should be mainly from the Chengdu Municipal Government.

At the same time, Changhong has also increased the input for the OLED, according to Liu in the words of “plasma, LCD and OLED the three together.” April 2008, Changhong began to cast China’s first OLED display built production line, OLED is a CRT, flat panel display technology, after the third generation. May 18 this year, the State Development and Reform Commission published on the website of the “on TV in 2010 to organize the implementation of industrial strategy and the Industrial Special notice”, to encourage qualified enterprises to make breakthroughs in key areas such as next generation AMOLED display core key technology, and gradually the formation of industrial capacity, including the substrate AMOLED technology, vacuum coating, thin film encapsulation technology. According to report, Changhong OLED plant construction basically completed, the project is a guide to PMOLED products, annual production capacity of 12 million (with “1” meter) OLED display production base.

Lower prices: New knife To take 3D overtaking

Last week, Changhong General Assembly to convene a national distributor, Changhong executive vice president, chairman Lin Maoxiang announced several multi-media information, first, 40% in high-end Changhong plasma TV in August until the first half of next year, gradually switch to 3D; Second, 3D 2D-based TV prices; third compared to LCD TV LED TV (CCFL LCD) inflated the value of 50-100% of the bubble completely burst.

In Yee’s monthly monitoring data show that 432 cities nationwide, based on 4079 monitoring stores, Changhong June sales in the LCD market share of 9.17%, plasma volume share of 44.85 percent. One LED in its LCD products accounted 6.55%, the rest of the CCFL LCD TV, this is not high, such as Hisense accounted for 17.2% of the LED.

Insiders said to reporters of color TV manufacturers are facing a CCFL to LED Shengji process, which is a natural process, color TV business days of the first half of this year sales were below stock Tailiangzengjia. “Changhong the one hand, promote a high-profile price cuts red LED sales, on the other hand will definitely stepping up the CCFL product inventory, and limited production CCFL products, rapid upgrade to the LED, the first to complete the upgrade of other enterprises to achieve corners overtaking.”

3D and the plasma is technically the most suitable combinations, to achieve the 3D LCD TV features the top panel must be used to meet the demands of high refresh rate, contrast, plasma 3D has the natural cost advantage. “But now the best selling is Samsung and Sony, if Chang does not take action does not rule out further into the ‘3 D LCD technology ‘situation.” The source said, now Changhong the first to rely on price cuts to promote plasma 3D TV, you can use plasma 3D’s cost advantage to become the first enclosure in the 3D era, and further it is hoped that 3D look to the long-term space plasma.

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