You know you don’t want to think about it, but it is a staggering possibility that you might be in an enormous quandary if you don’t have proper health insurance and today’s economy environment is not making things any easier. The country is going through an economic recession that hasn’t been seen in decades and health insurance is the first thing to take the hit. Many people are not insured and most people do not even know if their friends and neighbors even have health insurance. Most people believe that it is lazy people who are stealing tax dollars to have their medical bills paid for them but it is a lot more complicated than that.Who are the uninsured? Well, they are people just like you; those who have lost their jobs and those who are scraping to get by and have to make a decision on whether to get food for their families or medical care. Starvation kills people more quickly. Lack of health care just wears on individuals over time. It is a slow and silent killer so on some levels it seems more harmless to live without health insurance .They are those individuals who became ill and were discriminated against because they were sick and those who went away to college not realizing that they weren’t going to be able to afford insurance premiums while putting themselves through school. They are both rich and poor, middle aged and children and they spend each and every day hoping and praying that they can hang on until some sort of health care is available to them.The gamble is very difficult to contemplate but many people need to take the gamble of not having insurance because of the rising costs. There are people who can’t attend school in an effort to better themselves and their future because of the cost of health insurance and it ranges from every age group, from wealthy to poor. Everyone is a hostage to the health care industry.And while many are resistant to the many proposed changes to the health care laws that are being put forth by the federal government the bottom line is that these changes will do one thing for certain and that is they will help all individuals have the ability to attain health insurance coverage regardless of their situation. It is for this reason that every American should stand behind the powers that be and the laws that are being enacted.