By Marilyn Katz

Why Do Older People Need Life Insurance

Many older Americans find themselves without adequate life insurance, just at a time when it is harder to obtain coverage because of age or health conditions. Some had purchased large term policies while they were in their working years, but those policies had expired. The idea was to obtain a large amount of coverage while children needed support and mortgages still needed to be paid. After the term, they would have less obligations because mortgages would be paid off and their children would not need support. Or perhaps they had life insurance through work, and they retired, became unemployed or changed jobs.

But somehow savings had not been accumulated to meet their present debts and obligations. Maybe the mortgage did not get paid off as planned or children did not become self supporting as soon as the parents had hoped. Or maybe the older people just realized the tax advantages of passing on their estate to beneficiaries through a life insurance policy. And of course, if the formerly insured person is a partner in a business that they want to leave to somebody outside of the family, or just to one family member, they may have realized that a life insurance policy is a great way to fund a buy-out agreement!


Whatever they faced, somehow they find themselves middle aged or elderly, with outstanding obligations, and without life insurance. Now, because of illness and age, it will be more challenging to find life insurance. However, because this circumstance is common, and because many life insurance companies like mature clients, it will not be impossible at all!

Affordable Life Insurance Over 50

Many factors go into the cost of life insurance. All things being equal however, it will cost more to insure a sixty year old than a thirty year old. However, all things are not always equal. Nowadays credit is a factor that insurance companies consider, and mature people are more likely to have a long history of financial responsibility. Also, even though the mature person still has a need for life insurance, they may be able to settle for a smaller face value than they needed at thirty. Of course, underwriting will be simpler for a smaller amount of life insurance protection, and since life insurance is paid for by the amount of coverage, the premiums can still be kept affordable.

Look For Senior Friendly Companies

If you are over 50, or if you are a younger adult with a health condition, look for a life insurance policy that is geared towards your needs. An experienced life insurance company or life insurance agent, who is an expert of your sort of case, can present your options. But do not give up because you do have options! You may have to settle for a lower face value of coverage, and you may need to take out a whole life insurance policy rather than a term life insurance company. However permanent life insurance policies have their advantages too, since they do build up a cash value, and will never expire as long as the premiums are paid!

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