Making The Right Investment Plan


Karl MozurkewichInvestments are not made in a jiffy. Why should they be, when it takes all their life savings for most people to make an investment?

For many people, making an investment is a one time thing. A decision about investments should be taken only after considering the market condition, the rate of returns, the cost for tying up funds and exit options as well. While there are several modalities through which one can make an investment like real estate, mutual funds, stock, insurance plans

etc…Not all of them suit everybody. You have to find out what suits your income and what gives you the maximum benefit for the investment you make. It is also essential to assess the risk involved when making an investment plan.


Working on your investment

Before you make investment, it is essential to calculate the cost of investment i.e. for what other things that the investment could have been use and with what benefit. At this juncture you have to factor the returns and the risk involved. A higher risk investment should have a higher rate of return. Otherwise, the risk is not worth the investment. A low risk investment on the other hand need not necessarily mean a very low return. While choosing a plan, a compromise is made between these two factors.

ULIP (Unit linked Insurance Plans)

ULIP are a new breed of investment s that gives you the dual benefit of insurance and investment. The insurance can secure a child’s future, retirement life, general life insurance. It also involves investments, which can be automated or can be controlled by the investor. The flexibility gives best of all worlds. Choosing ULIP requires a good amount of research and only then should a decision be made. The benefits offered are many, the investment options even more. Look for high flexibility in increasing or decreasing your premium and assured.

How to find the best life insurance online?

While the Internet has made information accessible everyone, it has also made decision making tougher as choices abound and information is inundating. Choosing the right insurance policy hence requires some time. First you must decide on the coverage by making an estimation of risk. Most people look at insurance as an investment, overlooking the risk factor. The risk factor is just as important and a fair estimation of it can give you the right number for investment. A good insurance provider will offer a wide range of coverage. The company will offer you sound advice based on their estimation.

The second feature of a good insurance provider is range of premium payment options. The flexibility of payment options and terms offered is an indirect indication of the number of people who avail the provider’s policies. If there are several payment options, then it is an indication that people with all levels of income avail the policies, which means a large number of people trust the provider and are satisfied with it.

The third feature is the age. Most insurance providers today have policies for all ages. However the benefits during maturity time for different ages vary. All the information on this aspect must be known before opting for cover.

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