By Rudy Silva

Bad bacteria in the colon are one of the worst conditions that could exist in your body. Yet few people are aware that this is something to be concern about. Not only is bad bacteria one cause of constipation, it is also a source of toxic matter that filters into your body where it creates many familiar diseases.

When bad bacteria takes over your colon and if remains in control of your colon over a long period of your life, expect to have serious diseases as you age. You may or may not wonder why practically every older person you know has many health issues to deal with. Most likely it is the neglect of the colon and the constipation that they have lived with during their lifetime.

When bad bacteria control the colon, they live on undigested food and cause this food to rot and become putrid. This condition causes your colon to become slight alkaline making it difficult for the good bacteria to thrive. As more toxic matter accumulated in the colon, it attracts other pathogens and yeast.

When the colon is weak, it is unable to quickly move fecal matter through its long intestine. It weakens when it continual tries to move fecal matter along the colon and is unable. After while it just quits trying and constipation sets in.


Bad bacteria are but one cause of constipation. There are others but it is always best to work on one cause of constipation before going to another.

So what can you do when you have an excess of bad bacteria in the colon? The first step is to increasing the amount of good bacteria in colon, since these bacteria can fight and destroy the bad ones.

So, how do you help the good bacteria to multiple? You do it by,

” Feeding the good bacteria

” Eating the right foods so that the colon environment can changed from alkaline to slightly acid

” Taking supplements that can kill bad bacteria and not good bacteria

” Taking supplements that increase the good bacteria

” Doing a colon cleanse to sweep out some of the bad bacteria and their source of food – decaying, rotting fecal matter.

Good bacteria are available in various forms. The most familiar source is liquid milk like solution call acidophilus. You can also get multiple forms of good bacteria in capsules. It is best to choose a form call enteric capsules. These capsules move pass the stomach acids where they could be destroyed and open up in the more friendly area of the small intestines. The good bacteria can then move into the colon where they will do battle with bad bacteria, one cause of constipation. When the colon is overwhelmed with bad bacteria you need to supplement your diet with a good amount of good bacteria, so don’t hold when taking this supplement.

There you have it. It is not easy to get rid of bad bacteria quickly. You have to work at it and you have to know what you are doing. But when you realize that one way to do it is to build up the good bacteria and let them take care of your fight. So go out and buy some good bacteria.

About the Author: As a Natural Nutritionist, Rudy Silva researches and writes on natural remedies for various body conditions. He has written and accumulated a lot of information on constipation. To get free tips on how to get constipation relief, sign up for his 10 week e-lesson series called “10 Constipation Secrets Revealed” at


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