By Christopher Granger

One of the most effective tools in losing weight is the weight loss logbook and sometime referred to as the weight loss journal. It is one very practical and handy tool that you can use in your quest in losing weight. A logbook or journal helps you keep track of your progress making it possible for you to monitor your calorie intakes, weight and even the fats and calories you burned while doing your workouts. Putting your results into writing helps you keep a record on your progress and eliminating the possibility of under or over estimating your calorie intakes. It is important and crucial to have an accurate and honest journal to help bring you one step closer in achieving your goal in weight loss. There are many possible ways of keeping an accurate journal. One can do online, thru printed form, or any ordinary paper and pen that you have at home.

There are many possible information or items that you can write in your logbook. One has the option of writing a very detailed loss weight logbook or just a few but very important entries to keep it simple but efficient. What are the important details that one must include in the weight loss journal? Most weight loss journal has daily and monthly logs entries including the monthly and long term charts. The daily log entries are records of weight measured on the scale at the same time of the day. Weight measured right after waking up in the morning is the best and most consistent weight since, you have not yet eaten or taken any food. Weighing yourself on the same dress daily can also give you the best result. After a month or even weeks of entries on your weight you get a clear picture of your progress and are able to keep track whether you are losing weight at a fast or slow rate. Somehow you get the picture if your efforts have some effect on your loss weight. If you are following a certain exercise program or regime, you can also write the level of exercise you have done for the day together with your weight. But if you have not done your exercises for the day you leave it blank stating the reason why. Remember in weight loss exercise is important since you want take some physical activities to help your body increase your metabolic rate and burn off those fats and calories.


Having a diet or meal plan is essential if you are trying to lose weight. Your meal plans can be encoded in you weight loss logbook so that you can control your calorie intake daily. You will know what, when, and how much you needed to eat in order to be able to control and maintain your weight loss. Experts do not recommend skipping meals or eating too much since eating the right amount of food will help keep your metabolic rate high. And with a high metabolic rate your body can burn fats and calories fast resulting to weight loss. Another important fact is you should know how much calorie is needed by your body so as not to go beyond or under the limit.

Keeping track of your weight loss progress will give you a better perspective and somehow it will help you give an idea on where you are succeeding the most and where you might be having problems and might need help. In the long run you improvements will serve as a motivation for you to succeed while your problems and frustration should not deter you from continuing and finding other ways to correct those mistakes.

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