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Getting laparoscopic band surgery to help you with your weight loss is a big choice to make, and it is not made any easier when you hear conflicting messages about the procedure. It is true that this procedure is not suitable for everybody, but those who do have it done have excellent results. It is a good idea to comparing with the tried and tested gastric bypass surgery.

Whatever surgical procedure you have, there is some element of risk involved. LAP band surgery is regarded as one of the safest, as the number of post-operative complications are very low. Due to fact that it is not an invasive procedure, it is seen as being much safer than a gastric bypass.

The primary reason that you have thought of having some form of operation to help you with your weight loss means that you will probably the clinically obese. The risks involved in such an operation are comparatively low to those that are associated with being obese. You will not even be considered for it unless you have had a consultation with a surgeon to discuss any doubts you may have. If they are satisfied, they will inform you that you are a suitable candidate, and then they will run through the whole process with you.


It is hoped that any outcome of a surgical procedure will cause a great improvement in the patient’s quality-of-life. If it is weight loss surgery, one of the positive outcomes is that it will probably eliminate other health problems and increase the patient’s self-confidence. There are no unwelcome side-effects after going through this surgical procedure.

There are a lot of health problems associated with carrying excess weight, and the operation aims to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, them. The success rate in doing so is very high, with most patients finding that their general health has improved. People who had previously been diagnosed with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure have been extremely pleased with the outcome.

People who have a BMI above 50 expect to see drastic weight loss soon after the operation. Where this is true if you have a gastric bypass, the weight loss is not so significant during the first year after lap band surgery. However the long-term results can be comparable after that time.

There is also a common misconception that this form of procedure is not suitable for people on certain diets, especially sweet foods. There is no truth behind this and their ability to achieve long-term weight loss is as good as anybody else’s. It is just a matter of sticking to the prescribed diet and exercise routine.

While you are in a position to consider all the options available to you, it would be worthwhile consulting a weight-loss surgeon. They will help guide you in all facets of the operation and post-operation procedures so that you leave the consultation clearing your mind what you would expect. The consultant will also determine whether you are suited for getting laparoscopic band surgery.

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